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Preston Hall

604 W. Second St., Arlington, TX

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Success Series: Time Management

Being a full time college can be busy and exhausting, but there are ways to keep everything under control! Learn to balance your busy schedule both inside...

10/22 12pm
Success Series: Presentation Tips

Do you get nervous speaking in front of others? Would you like to sharpen your skills for giving presentations? Join us for this workshop where we will...

10/23 5pm
Success Series: Plagiarism: How to Recognize and Avoid It

Plagiarism isn’t always intentional. Come learn the ins and outs of plagiarism and collusion so that you can make sure all your academic work complies with...

10/24 12pm
Success Series: Effective Communication

Effective communication is the key to deepen connections, improve teamwork, problem solve, and make decisions. Learn ways to develop this interpersonal skill...

10/29 12pm
Success Series: To Drop or Not to Drop

Dropping a class can have greater consequences than many students realize. It can impact the ability to remain in your major, your eligibility for on-campus...

10/30 12pm

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Daniel Barrera

Daniel Barrera left a negative review 11/7/2017

They would not let me into the room, and i was there 10 minutes early, you need to get a bigger room

Junno A Martinez

Junno A Martinez left a review 2/27/2017

The speaker spoke about things that were already known.