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Preston Hall

604 W. Second St., Arlington, TX

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Test Taking Strategies

Ace that next test! Learn some effective techniques for preparing and taking tests. Effectively show how much you know and learn how to improve on future...

2/27 12pm
CAPS:  Anxiety + Academics

College can be a very stressful time for students. Learn how to manage stress and anxiety so that your academic performance does not have to suffer.

3/5 12pm
Trippin’ on Taxes:  What you need to know about taxes

In the middle of tax season, come and learn more about the taxes and thier relevance to you.

3/25 12pm
Plagiarism: How to Recognize and Avoid It

Plagiarism isn’t always intentional. Come learn the ins and outs of plagiarism and collusion so that you can make sure all your academic work complies with...

3/26 12pm
How to write an academic paper

Crack the code on how to write an academic paper! Strategies will be shared on how to analyze the question, effectively plan, and write a successful paper.

3/26 5pm

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Daniel Barrera

Daniel Barrera left a negative review 11/7/2017

They would not let me into the room, and i was there 10 minutes early, you need to get a bigger room

Junno A Martinez

Junno A Martinez left a review 2/27/2017

The speaker spoke about things that were already known.