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Matt Crosslin

Matthew B Crosslin left a positive review 6/18/2019

We had a great time with this session in the LINK Lab - a lot of positive feedback in conversations afterwards. Like I stated at the beginning of the session, what is "new" to one person is "nothing new" to another. But we did go over what is considered new theory in the world of education, some that has only emerged in the last few years. Ultimately, we sought to target the content for what we knew would be new information for many of the instructors at UTA. I also learned some new ideas myself from many of the conversations, so it was definitely a two-way learning experience.

Also, I am sorry that the online portion did not work as well. We designed this as an in person session, with just an online stream for people that couldn't be there. But to clarify: the online portion was not designed as an online learning experience itself. It was simply a live stream and therefore very limited.

So I can only really honestly review the input from the audience, but I thought every thing that others shared and the questions they asked were great!

Michelle Washburn

Michelle Washburn left a review 6/18/2019

Honestly, this did not create a great online learning experience for me - the training did not cover the content that I thought it would, content was nothing new.