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Coronavirus Update
To limit the spread and impact of coronavirus, all campus tours, events, and activities have been adjusted. The interim event guidelines are available online. Please visit our Coronavirus page for the latest information.

Maverick Activities Center

500 W. Nedderman Dr., Arlington, TX

Upcoming Events


An EXCITING, 60-minute workout sure to get your heart racing and your muscles burning! The class format and programming will be varied to challenge you in...

9/23 6:30am
Power Nap

Feeling low on sleep or energy? A quick power nap can help you combat the way you are feeling. This class will start by a 5-minute guided meditation followed...

9/23 11am
Step & Tone—Free

Combining your classic cardio step and a variety of equipment to target cardio and strength at once, making this to a total body sculpting experience. FREE...

9/23 12pm
Basic Yoga

A 50 minute class designed to introduce you to the basics of yoga. After a few minutes of silent preparation, a spinal warm up is completed, followed by...

9/23 3pm
Yin & Nidra

A 50 minute class composed of two main parts. After a few minutes of silent preparation and a spinal warm up, you will experience various deep stretching...

9/23 4pm

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Be Still


Discover Strength


Yoga Starts Now


Roll & Stretch




Recent Activity

Morgan B Rubin

Morgan B Rubin left a positive review 3/10/2020

I really enjoyed the Maverick Spirit Fair! As a new staff member with UT Arlington, it was nice connecting with other Faculty/Staff members and other vendors that helps makes UTA such a great place. I especially enjoyed receiving free UTA and other merch! MAVUP!

Andrew A Mares-Camarena

Andrew A Mares-Camarena left a positive review 9/9/2019

It’s was great, just what I needed after a morning class

Shams Abbas Naqvi

Shams Abbas Naqvi left a positive review 8/26/2019

The arrangement was made properly. The interview was good. The interviewer which I got, she was amazing and had good knowledge. I was thinking if we could have divided time slots based on the number of students and their timings there could have been less queue.

Nirbhay Sharma

Nirbhay Sharma left a positive review 8/26/2019

It was great. Everything went on quite smoothly and the people taking the interview were really nice too.

Milap Sapkota

Milap Sapkota left a positive review 8/26/2019

It was very good. The interviewer made me feel really comfortable.

Lokeshwaran Rajendran

Lokeshwaran Rajendran left a positive review 8/26/2019

it was good and helped to achieve good piece of mind

Hemant Madhukar Wasankar

Hemant Madhukar Wasankar left a positive review 8/21/2019

It was an awesome experience!! had a lot of fun, made new friends!!

Allyson L Fulton

Allyson L Fulton posted a photo 7/10/2018

Latoya O Oduniyi

Latoya O Oduniyi posted a photo 9/20/2017

Latoya O Oduniyi

Latoya O Oduniyi posted a photo 9/20/2017