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Central Library

702 Planetarium Pl., Arlington, TX

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DIY Yarn Wall Hangers

Want to personalize your space? Spice up your walls? Good news! UTA Libraries is here to teach you an easy activity to do just that. Come learn to make a...

6/15 12:30pm
Stamp Making sign with short description, location, time, and date listed with summer themed background.

Want to make your own prints? Fan art? Or maybe just customize a journal? Stamp Making is a fun and portable activity with adjustable difficulty...

7/27 12:30pm

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Tiffany Harris

Tiffany Harris left a review 11/3/2020

Did not see any one out there.

Tiffany Harris

Tiffany Harris left a positive review 10/6/2020

It was really calming and I enjoyed it.

Luis Soto-Garcia

Luis Soto-Garcia left a positive review 9/18/2019

Great course!

Denis Voronov

Denis Voronov left a positive review 2/26/2020

This event is exactly what I was looking for. The instructor is very clear and up to the point, the location is perfect for studying.

John Moore

John Moore left a positive review 11/13/2019

Great instructor + Data Lab staff! This NEEDS to be taught more & good use in various disciplines I.e., Real Estate/Business, Geography, History, etc or personal/business!

Walter Mkpanam

Walter Mkpanam left a positive review 11/13/2019

Great workshop! Wished we had more time to go deeper

Matthew A Thornton

Matthew A Thornton left a positive review 9/6/2019

Was fun!

Vanessa M Bentz

Vanessa M Bentz left a positive review 9/4/2019

I had to attend a university event for an assignment for a course. I picked this event because I thought it would be helpful to me, but I didn't put too much thought into my selection. Now that I've attended, I'm glad I chose the event. It was interesting and helpful and I was happily surprised that I wasn't bored.

Andrew W Ryan

Andrew W Ryan left a positive review 9/6/2019

It was fantastic!!!

Javeria Arshad

Javeria Arshad left a positive review 9/4/2019

it was very helpful in making my linked in more active