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Wednesday, July 20

A Tribute to Nurses: UTA and Beyond

A Tribute to Nurses: UTA and Beyond is an exhibit in the UTA Libraries Special Collections. It is open to the public Tuesdays through Saturdays, from 9 am to...

Mavally 2.0

MavAlly 2.0 is the advocate session portion of the LGBTQ+ Program's MavAlly series that helps faculty, staff, and students on their journey from Ally to...

Virtual Event
Rubrication: Selections from the Palmeri Goodstein Print Collection

The Palmeri Goodstein Print Collection contains self-published and contract print works of both historic pioneers of printmaking as well as those of modern...

U T A Maverick Horse in PRIDE Colors with text Mav Ally Family and Friends

Maverick Families & Friends are invited to participate in Mav Ally Family & Friends with the UTA LGBTQ+ Program. Mav Ally is the first in a series of UTA’s...

Virtual Event

Wednesday, July 20