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Brazos Park

601 S. West St., Arlington, Texas 76010

Upcoming Events

Latin Maverick Welcome

Latin Maverick Welcome is a program that is meant to connect first year Latiné students with campus and community resources.

8/18 5pm
MavsMeet Afterparty

Continue the MavsMeet celebration after Convocation by joining in on multiple activities and a dance party hosted by EXCEL Campus Activities! Free food and...

8/21 6:30pm
Maverick FRIENDzy

This high-energy, interactive event is the perfect way to make new friends (or reconnect with old ones) at UTA. Pizza and drinks will be provided to...

8/22 4pm
Welcome Back Foam Mania

Come join EXCEL Campus Activities at UTA's annual welcome back party! Come dance and get drenched with foam under the lights! Featuring a live DJ, and...

8/25 8pm

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Blazing Race 2023




Recent Activity

Archit Jaiswal

Archit Jaiswal left a positive review 7/8/2021

It was good!

Karla Villasenor

Karla Villasenor left a positive review 2/25/2020

Thank you for having that service! I'm glad that we have that here on campus because it is very accessible to employees here at UTA! I was very glad to know that the Bishop was the one celebrating! I enjoyed it very much! Thank you once again!

Lochan Sai Reddy Chinthaparthy

Lochan Sai Reddy Chinthaparthy left a positive review 1/23/2020

It was a wonderful event, got to meet many new people

Fatima V Cabrera

Fatima V Cabrera left a positive review 8/23/2019

It was a great way to meet new people and i loved the different types of music they played .

Matthew Shelton

Matthew Shelton left a positive review 8/23/2019