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Coronavirus Update
To limit the spread and impact of coronavirus, all campus tours, events, and activities have been adjusted. The interim event guidelines are available online. Please visit our Coronavirus page for the latest information.

Trending Events

WHM: Women's History Month Trivia

Join us for our live trivia in celebration of Women’s History Month! Test out your knowledge, and you could win some exciting prizes!! You can play along...

3/9 12:30pm
Virtual Event
BHM: Afro Legworks Pt 2

This event is hosted by the African Student Organization to bring about awareness for people to know and learn about African dance cultures. A reschedule...

WHM: A Decade of Innovation: Statistics in the Fight Against Modern Slavery

Davina Durgana is an award-winning international human rights statistician who has developed leading global models to assess risk and vulnerability to modern...

3/10 12pm
Virtual Event
WHM: Managing Chronic Stress During COVID-19

Susanne Malone, a clinical social worker and therapist, discusses "Managing Chronic Stress During COVID-19" for Women's History Month.

3/12 12pm
Virtual Event
WHM: Womanism: A Conversation on Politics, Ethics, and Theology

A panel discussion on the concept of Womanism as we explore how it differs from the traditional concept of feminism and how it is intertwined within...

3/10 7pm
Virtual Event