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Maverick Activities Center

500 W. Nedderman Dr., Arlington, TX

Upcoming Events

Free Foam Roller Class

The UTA Wellness Committee and Airrosti host another foam roller class to show how this simple tool can help improve flexibility, increase blood flow, and...

4/7 12pm
Red Cross First Aid/CPR Class

4/8 10am
Intramural Badminton Tournament

Intramural Racquetball Tournament: On-site registration begins at 6:30pm. Tournament starts at 7:00pm in the MAC. See website for more information.

4/9 7pm
Intramural Table Tennis

Intramural Table Tennis: On-site registration begins at 6:30pm in the MAC. Tournament begins at 7pm. See website for more information.

4/20 7am
Intramural: Battleship

It's not a board game. It's LIFE SIZED BATTLESHIP. Teams of 3 man a canoe and attempt to sink their opponents' battleship.

5/1 6pm

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