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Central Library

702 Planetarium Pl., Arlington, TX

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Library Escape Room

You wake up in a daze and realize you're in the library. You vaguely recall a night of cramming and finishing something important. Oh no! Your finals are...

8/27 12pm
Library Fun Fair

We welcome you to attend our annual Library Fun Fair! Come meet new friends through speed friending, interact with different technolgies in our FabLab, and...

8/27 6pm
Refworks Workshop

Save time by using RefWorks to help with citations, store articles, and keep track of what you have read. This workshop is presented by Martin Wallace from...

9/13 2pm
Own Your Work: The Impact of Copyright When You Publish

Everything you write for publication is your intellectual property—you own the copyright—yet many publishers ask you to sign over your copyright to them....

10/3 2pm
Intro to SPSS Workshop

The SPSS workshop will cover counting responses, computing descriptive statistics, examining distributions, cross-tabulations, plotting data, and some basic...

10/11 1:30pm

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Money Smart Week


Money Smart Week


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John M Young

John M Young left a positive review 3/27/2017

The Data Visualization Across Different Media presented by Peace Ossom Williamson was an excellent introduction into the subject of graphic data presentation. Ms. Williams demonstrated a deep knowledge, understanding, and experience in presenting data in a visual format.
In fact, her presentation was great example of the key concepts. She presented the information in a clear, well thought out, and precise manner. She addressed perceptual cognitive tendencies and then went on to basic design principles. From there, she elaborated upon various formats, tools, and their respective merits. Ultimately, Ms. Williams brought together her knowledge, use of media, examples, and her own experience to provide a one-stop introduction to this subject that left one with a feeling of understanding as well as a desire to know more.

Swarada Ulhas Nargolkar

Swarada Ulhas Nargolkar left a positive review 4/4/2017

it was awesome

Chaitanya Vinayakrao Gokhale

Chaitanya Vinayakrao Gokhale left a negative review 2/27/2017

I went to the location but nobody was there, Tried to inquire about it but library staff didn't have a clue about it.