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FabLab, Central Library

702 Planetarium Place, Arlington, Tx

Upcoming Events

Shoproom Training: Drills & Drills Presses

Learn how to use a hammer drill, hand drill, and our drill presses to create cylindrical holes in your workpiece. Successful completion of the Shop Safety...

2/19 10am
Coaster Sets Workshop

Learn to cut glass into matching coaster sets! $15/each workshop Pre-Register at the FabLab!

2/19 12pm
Shoproom Training: Band Saw, Scroll Saw, and Jigsaw Training

Learn the distinction between a jig, band, and scroll saw and what type of work is most appropriate for each machine. Participants will practice cutting...

2/20 10am
Shoproom Training: General Shop Safety Training

Get an overview of all the Shop Room equipment and learn how to operate safety in this space! This training is a prerequisite for all other trainings;...

2/21 12am
Kiln Carving Workshops

Come learn how to cut glass into a shape of your choice! $15/each workshop Pre-Register at the FabLab!

2/22 12pm

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Cameron G Lytle

Cameron G Lytle left a positive review 2/12/2019

Loved it! Thanks.

Jack O Huckabee

Jack O Huckabee left a positive review 9/17/2018

Tim was great. Looking forward to using the space.

Jack O Huckabee

Jack O Huckabee left a positive review 9/19/2018

The FabLab really is a wonderful makers space. The staff are wonderful and very helpful. Make your visions a reality. Loved abrasives training.

Rochelle M Morris

Rochelle M Morris left a positive review 8/20/2018

This has been a learning experience. Used the 3D printers and the vinyl cutter.

Martin Wallace

Martin Wallace left a positive review 3/18/2018

This workshop covered safety and other features of the sliding dual compound mitre saw, demonstration and hands-on practice with measuring and making four kinds of cuts, and cleanup. Pacing was perfect, since the class was small, we finished half an hour ahead of schedule.