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FabLab, Central Library

702 Planetarium Place, Arlington, Tx

Upcoming Events

FabLab Training: Compound Mitre Saw

Learn how to safely operate our DeWalt 10” blade compound miter saw. You will practice making accurate crosscuts, bevel cuts, and mitre cuts. Successful...

2/19 1pm
FabLab Training: General Shop Safety

Get an overview of all the Shop Room equipment and learn how to operate safety in this space! This training is a prerequisite for all other trainings;...

2/20 10am
FabLab Training: Abrasive Tools

Learn how to finish the surfaces and smooth the edges of your wood or metal work pieces by using a sander, grinder, or media blast cabinet. This workshop...

2/21 10am
FabLab Training: ShopBot

Learn how to safety operate the ShopBot table router, which can carve materials in 2D and 3D. Participants will practice homing the machine, changing tools,...

2/22 5pm
FabLab Training: Drills & Drill Presses

Learn how to use a hammer drill, hand drill, and our drill presses to create cylindrical holes in your workpiece. Successful completion of the Shop Safety...

2/26 1pm

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