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An Introduction to GIS using ArcGIS Desktop

The Data Analysis and Visualization (DAVis) workshop series provides students, faculty, and staff with opportunities to learn about digital tools, and this workshop explores the world of spatial analysis by introducing the concepts and components of a geographic information system (GIS).

Participants will learn about geospatial concepts, spatial data, and spatial analysis. By hands-on practice these participants will also learn the essential tools for creating maps in ArcGIS desktop software: getting started with ArcGIS, importing data into the program, joining your data, and representing your data on a map.

Note: you will need a Windows computer with ArcGIS Desktop installed. To request an ArcGIS license, email

Thursday, October 24 at 1:30pm to 3:00pm

Central Library, dataCAVE (basement)
702 Planetarium Pl., Arlington, TX

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This event requires registration.