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A Spooky Introduction to Tableau


Join us for an exploration of Texas UFO sightings! Using this data, participants will learn the fundamentals of using Tableau to create data visualizations. The workshops will cover the basics of the Tableau interface and commands, connecting to a dataset in Tableau, cleaning data in Tableau, and visualizing data as charts, maps, and more.

Required: Participants must attend with a laptop with Tableau Public installed. You'll need a Tableau Public account to save your work.

Catching up on X-Files is optional.

Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 1:30pm

Central Library, dataCAVE
702 Planetarium Pl., Arlington, TX

Recent Activity

John Moore

John Moore left a positive review 11/13/2019

Great instructor + Data Lab staff! This NEEDS to be taught more & good use in various disciplines I.e., Real Estate/Business, Geography, History, etc or personal/business!

Walter Mkpanam

Walter Mkpanam left a positive review 11/13/2019

Great workshop! Wished we had more time to go deeper