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701 S. West Street, Arlington, TX

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VBOC Third Thursday Think Tank

Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights This course will focus on three common areas of intellectual property. They are: Patents Trademarks, and ...

6/21 6pm
VBOC Third Thursday Think Tank

Financing Options for Small Businesses The topics discussed in this course include: Determining your financing needs Equity vs. debt financing Loans ...

8/16 6pm
VBOC Third Thursday Think Tank

How to Prepare Government Contract Proposals Did you know the federal government buys nearly $100 billion worth of goods and services from small businesses...

9/20 6pm
VBOC Third Thursday Think Tank

Introduction to Franchising here are several topic sections within the course. Each section covers a different aspect of franchising. Some of the areas...

10/18 6pm
VBOC Third Thursday Think Tank

Pricing Models for Successful Business The course has six key objectives: 1. Explain why pricing is important. 2. List the different pricing models. 3....

11/15 6pm

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Patrick E Alcorn

Patrick E Alcorn left a positive review 3/30/2018


Marion McWilson

Marion McWilson left a positive review 8/23/2017

It was great! Nice to have refreshments on the first day-Thanks

Punith Shiva Shankar

Punith Shiva Shankar left a positive review 3/9/2017

Was very informative and covered the basic ideas as promised. Really looking forward for advanced workshops.